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Information overload during COVID-19
Credit: James Marvin Phelps
27 July 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to its core research, Maintains has been pivoting activities towards the impact of the pandemic, examining the way health and social protection systems are responding during the crisis, to learn lessons for this and future pandemics. In this blog, Shrochis Karki reflects on who is producing and consuming this information, how it is being shared, and how these knowledge flows could better support local and contextually-relevant responses.

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Collecting water from a pond. Dembi, Moyale District, Ethiopia, April 2006.
Credit: Daniel Cima/American Red Cross
9 June 2020

Maintains is about to start an in-depth study of the impact of COVID-19 and control measures on poor households and vulnerable groups in urban settings in Ethiopia. In this blog, originally posted on the OPM site, Donna Harris and Zoma Mesfin describe findings from preliminary interviews with key informants, along with the key issues which emerged and how these will be explored in the upcoming Maintains study.

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Women and children queue at a health clinic in Kapua, Turkana County, northwest Kenya, 29 January 2017.
Credit: Russell Watkins/DFID
4 June 2020

What is a “shock-responsive” health system? How can we better understand the elements which support “shock-responsiveness” in order to enhance this? Maintains has just published a Working Paper setting out a conceptual model of a shock-responsive health system, and is seeking feedback and discussion around the development, refinement and use of this model.

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