Maintains - Research supporting social services to adapt to shocks

Maintains is an operational research programme that will develop a stronger evidence base on how health, education, nutrition, and social protection systems can adapt and expand in response to changing needs during and after shocks, such as floods, droughts, disease outbreaks, and population displacements, whilst also continuing to provide existing essential services.

Evidence and practice gathered from six focal countries — Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kenya, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, and Uganda — is used to inform policy and practice globally.

Maintains seeks solutions that promote equitable responses and support inclusion, and explores disaster risk financing options to enable a swift and efficient scaleup.

Ultimately, the programme seeks to improve health, education, and nutrition outcomes for affected populations, especially the poorest and most vulnerable people.

The five-year programme, launched in 2018, is led by Oxford Policy Management (OPM) and funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID).

The Aga Khan University, Centre for Humanitarian Change, and Dalan Development Consultants are partners on the project.

Remains of a school destroyed by flooding, near Jacobabad in Pakistan
Remains of a school destroyed by flooding, near Jacobabad in Pakistan.
Credit: Magnus Wolfe-Murray/DFID

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